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The Mission to Mars!

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Engineers come up with powerful and innovative ideas to put to work and build these solutions to implement in the real world. They consider a great deal of physics in order to build solutions which can maneuver and accelerate smoothly while defeating Earth’s gravity.


Technicians have an important role in aerospace technology. Since spacecrafts today use a lot of electrical applications to operate every single component of the vehicle, it if the technician's job to make sure that all of the electrical applications and circuits work well and supply power and deliver programs to each component. They work together with scientists and engineers with their research. Their skills have many different uses and aid many types of research.


Astronomers are scientists who study the phenomenal field of astronomy. These scientists study the origins of our universe and galaxy and study the existence of stars and other planetary objects that may even affect Earth in the future. Astronomers have a very important role in the Mission to Mars. They work hard everyday to analyze conditions on Mars and its atmosphere to determine if it is just right of human habitability.

Computer Scientists

A computer scientist is a scientist who acquires an extensive amount of knowledge about computers, their programs, the foundation of information delivery, and computation. Since rockets and spacecrafts use computer programs to operate and drive the spacecraft with a variety of sensors, computer scientists make sure that the computer programs onboard are working fine and also develop the computer programs to control the space missions.


A physicist is a scientist who studies physics. In order to properly drive and maneuver spacecrafts, these scientists must consider the laws of physics including principles involving gravity, certain forces including forces associated with projectiles, and linear momentum. Physicists also study physical principles involving our universe.